Why Building an Online Presence for Small Business is Important

Posted on by Alex Morales in Search Engine Marketing, Web Design Services

Online Presence for Small BusinessThe internet has changed so much in the last five years with new SEO standards and the improving power of technology. These changes have not just been aesthetic or on top-level functions, they’ve permeated every aspect of the industry, down to the languages and environments used for programming and SEO Services. Basically, the whole industry and everyone in it has had to revolutionize and adapt the way they operate to keep up with the continuing onslaught of changes and updates technology keeps throwing our way.

It’s not just the internet or marketing industry than has seen changes because of the advancements in internet technology over the last five years – nearly every corner of society has been effectively pulled into the internet. We get our news, keep in touch with our friends, make dinner plans, even order pizza and rent movies online. We are depending more and more on the internet as a whole, and it’s because of that increasing demand that any companies or businesses who don’t make the transition to an effective online presence are going to go out of business and become relics of a past long forgotten.

So what constitutes an effective Online Presence for Small Businesses? Is it brand exposure, having your name and logo plastered over as many sites as possible? Is it being shown in results by the big search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing? Is it the impression your site gives a first time visitor who spends merely seconds looking at a new site before deciding whether or not to leave? Is it the way your site navigates and how speedy it is on loading times? Is it what your website has to say? What is it exactly that makes websites stand out above the rest in the seemingly endless sea of them we call the internet? Actually, it’s a bit of everything; there is no one thing that gives a strong online presence – it’s a combination of everything mentioned above.  

The beginning of any effective online presence for small businesses starts with an elegant and well laid out web design. How the site looks as a whole is very important, as it is the first impression given to new visitors, most of whom only spend a couple seconds on a new site before deciding whether or not to close it. It also provides a sense of credibility and professionalism, which is essential for any business looking to make their place online. Having a custom web design may be a bit of an investment, as a quality design tends to take a good 6 or 8 hours, possibly even more for a more detailed and complex design. Don’t let the web design prices scare you off – quality is worth the price when you look at the long term benefits.

Having a good looking site is just the beginning, next comes the process of spreading the word and getting people talking about you. For this, your small business needs internet marketing, which will help build links back to your site and help increase traffic. At the same time, the process will help build credibility and trust with the search engines, increasing your online traffic and credibility even further. Internet marketing takes time, so don’t expect the process to just happen overnight, but plan on keeping it going for several years. The longer you keep it going, the more effective it becomes.

Building an effective online presence for small businesses takes time and effort, knowledge and skill. It doesn’t happen overnight, but is an ongoing and continuous process. Stick with it and you’ll find yourself with a website that stands head and shoulders above its competition in both design and traffic.

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