Google Local Service Ads

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Are You Prepared For Google Local Service Ads?

Let us help you become Google Guaranteed. You will gain access to qualified leads directly from customers searching specifically for your services. Leads are received as a phone call or messages sent through your Local Service ads. With Local Services ads, it will put trustworthy local electricians, locksmiths, plumbers, and other professionals in front of people who are looking to find reputable services.

You can effortlessly track calls, jobs, bookings, adverting and an array of other options right at your fingertips. You’ll also be eligible to use the Google Guaranteed Badge that will showcase your trust online.

Google Guaranteed professionals are pre-screened and insured.. Learn More

Businesses that want to participate in the Google Guarantee to go through a verification process. Each employee that will be entering a customer’s home goes through a background check. It can take about two or three weeks to get certification.

Appearing in the Local Services unit is a badge of trust to be proud of – only providers who have met Google’s qualifying criteria will be featured in the unit.

Get your business verified today and earn your Google guarantee badge. As a Local Services advertiser you’ll get access to the Local Services app, premium promotion, and more.

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